Smart KAPP Digital Dry-Eraser Flipchart For Business

SMART KAPP - The Dry-Eraser Board Reinvented

Smart Kapp and Smart KAPP IQ is an easy to use, modern replacement for traditional dry-erase boards and flipcharts, SMART KAPP offers a leap in functionality and delivers reliable collaboration.

Smart KAPP does not rely on a Projector or expensive interactive LED Screen or Interactive board and Smart KAPP requires No expensive setup costs or software, Smart Kapp can be setup in minutes not hours, Installation is so easy that you won't not need a Specialist Installation engineer or IT Knowledge.

Smart KAPP
  • Get started right away
    Free Stand the Smart Kapp on a desk, Wall mount the Smart Kapp or you can use the Smart Kapp floor stand.
  • Plug it in and Download the SMART kapp app to your IPad or Android Tablets to capture collaborative ideas between colleagues.
  • Pick up the Smart Kapp dry-erase pen and start writing. Capture content in high-quality image or PDF files and Share what you are drawing instantly with others via weblink
  • Refined inking
    Write with a normal dry erase marker and erase on the sleek surface without ever staining it.
  • Real-time sharing
    Up to 250 participants can be invited to see content as it unfolds using any browser.
  • Easily save and share notes
    Never take another blurry flip chart picture. Store content as digital snapshots on a mobile device and share them to your Evernote™, Google Drive™, Dropbox™ or other storage accounts on your mobile device.
  • Full data security
    Protect your content with a PIN code. Shared ideas and notes are immediately deleted when you disconnect your phone.

MEET kapp iQ

Imagine an Ultra HD display with a built-in whiteboard that enables multi-way inking between any combination of devices, anywhere in the world - simultaneously. Sound magical? We thought so too.

SMART kapp iQ lets everyone, whether in the meeting room or classroom, see what is being written in real time. But it doesn't stop there. Every participant can contribute to the display from their device. When they do, their writing instantly appears on the display and on everyone else's device.

It's true multi-way collaboration, where work can be saved at any time to a storage service, like Evernote™.

Imagine the possibilities.


Smart KAPP

  • Screen Size: 44 1/8" x 23” x 3 1/8" - 42" diagonal
  • Screen Wight: 35lb (16kg)
  • Screen Surface: Glass
  • App Compatibility: Apple IOS : Android
  • Warranty: 12 Months


SMART kapp iQ is available in two popular sizes: 55" and 65" (diagonal), perfect for presenting or collaborating in meeting rooms, break out spaces, offices, lecture halls or classrooms.

Smart Kapp Electronic Dy Eraser Board